The following rules apply Höga Kusten Pond Hockey Tournament:

  • All games in the Group Play are played for 2 x 10 minutes with 1 minute break when changing sides.
  • The playoffs is played 2 x 10 min with 1 min break when changing sides.
  • There is a 9-minute break between games. Both teams that will play the next game shovel the ice.
  • All games start at the same time via the speaker. Rolling time.
  • The teams must be at their rink 15 minutes before the start of the game.
  • The team captains keep track of the goals and the home team's team captain submits the results to secretariat.
  • The home team starts with the puck, when the game is started by the speaker.
  • All games are judged by the teams themselves, this also when breaking a rule. The team then gets to start with the puck in their half of the rink. If it is judged as a serious infringement, a penalty shot may be taken from half of the rink.
  • The teams themselves decide who gets the puck if it goes out of the rink. If the puck gets stuck in the snow bank, you must first try to play the puck free.
  • A legal goal is awarded if the puck is shot through one of the two openings on the face of the pond hockey goal.
  • Goals may only be scored from the opponent's half of the rink.
  • In the event of a goal, the team that scored the goal must return home to their half of the rink.
  • It is not allowed with a "goalkeeper", or playing lying down in front of the goal (not even covering on the knees).
  • Hard tackles, hit shots and hard play that can injure an opponent result in a personal game penalty.
  • The teams have 3 players on the ice and 3 players on the bench.
    Free number of changes during the game. The changes take place near the teams bench.
  • Any number of coaches and friends are allowed at the teams bench.
  • In case of injuries (after checked by the event's medical staff), the team has the option to replace a player. This must be notified and also approved by the secretariat.
  • It is ok to have more players than 6 that you can alternate between the games. But those 6 that have started need play the entire game – you are not allowed to change any of the starting 6 during a game.
  • After each game, the home team takes the result to the secretariat.
  • In the Group Stage, a win gives 2 points and a tied 1 point.
  • In the event of equal points when the group stage is decided, the placement is determined as follows:
    1. Most wins between tied teams
    2. Goals for minus goals against
    3. Most goals scored
    4. Lottery
  • In the quarter-, semi- and final games, best of 3 penalty shootout if it is tied after full time (2x5min)
  • All players must wear a helmet, skates and ice hockey stick. Other equipment is optional. Leg protection, elbow protection and gloves are recommended.
  • All games are played with an approved game puck.
  • All teams must have a set of "home and away" jersey. A dark and a light jersey, with the dark one worn by the home team, unless the teams agree otherwise.
  • The team captain is responsible for ensuring that everyone in the team knows the rules around HKPHT.

Design: Ulf Niederbach | Production: Magnus Stenman 2022