Friday and Saturday, February 24-25, 2023, it's time for the fourth edition of Höga Kusten Pond Hockey Tournament. Same arena as last year, on Gällstasjön at Friluftsbyn, not far away from Docksta, right in the heart of Höga Kusten and Kramfors municipality.


Pond hockey is played just like the pioneers did a hundred years ago, just bring the shovel and scoop out a piece of ice and play with your friends.

This year's tournament is open to everyone and people come from far and wide to compete for the desirable title.

We bring the North American interpretation of Pond Hockey to Sweden, where the food and overall experience are at least as important as who scores.


Friday evening 24th at 20.30, Modo Hockey will meet Djurgården at Hägglundsarena in Örnsköldsvik. There will be a crowded Arena and the atmospehere will for sure be on top!



We will have 9 ice rinks that are 30x15 meters. And for the audience it is perfectly possible to stand right next to it and cheer on the players. We will have games on 8 of the rinks and the 9th will be open for children to play and of course we will have a surprise for them.

A new made cross-country track will linger around the Pond and a long skating course is plowed and is open to enjoy.

If you want a tougher challenge, we recommend that you walk to Skuleberget's top cabin, which is open both days.



On the Pond Hockey Arena, just by the side of the hockey rinks, there will be lots of amazing food from Tobbe & Co! This was really one of the highligt from last year.

Inside Friluftsbyn, you will find great "fika" and a place to hang out for those who are frozen.

The adventurous will find the Waffles at Skuleberget top cabin.


There is free entry to the event arena. And of course you are so warmly welcome to bring your four-legged friend!


The car parking is located not far from the event arena, just a short walk and you are at the Pond.


The snowmobile parking is directly on the first floor and it is perfectly possible to enter the event arena from the parking lot.

Just follow the signs from the snowmobile trail and you will come straight to the front.


After the Final on Saturday evening the After-Ice and prize giving in Vardagsrummet at Friluftsbyn awaits. So prepare for a great party throughout the evening.



Accommodation can be booked at Friluftsbyn,


Höga Kusten Pond Hockey Tournament is open for everyone.

All teams are guaranteed to play at least 7 games.  The arena is Gällstasjön with Friluftsbyn, where there will be 9 hockey rinks with a fantastic scenery.

The tournament is played in teams of 6 people, with 4 people on the rink.

Group Games – Play 2 x 10 minutes.

The the finals (from the round of 16) - Play 2 x 5 minutes.

The rink measurements 30x15 meters with a snow bank. No goalkeepers. Special small Pond Hockey goals will be used.

Note that the rules are slightly different from regular icehockey, so read the rules carefully!

Each team has both dark and light jerseys, with the home team wearing dark jerseys unless the teams agree otherwise.



The group is devided in two groups, North & South. Everyone meets in a single series.

Points system: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tied game.

In the event of equal points in the group, the placement is determined as follows:

1. Most wins between tied teams
2. Goals for minus goals against
3. Most goals scored
4. Lottery


Registration opens January 1st, 2023.





Trophy for the winning team and prizes for top 3.

Trophy for MVP – Most Valuable Player.

Trophy for Rookie of the year - SUB 20 years.


Each team must have 2 jerseys/person. A dark and a light jersey.

At Sportringen77/Sticks Online and Track Screen, it is possible to order and print own team jerseys.



Design: Ulf Niederbach | Production: Magnus Stenman 2022