100% Hockey experience

We want to create a 100% Hockey experience for the participants, the audience, but also for those interested who cannot be there.

Höga Kusten Pond Hockey Tournament is a two-day event, starting Friday, February 24, with games until early evening.

Later in the evening at 20:30, MODO Hockey meets Djurgården in Örnsköldsvik at Hägglunds Arena. We can more or less promise that there will be a crowed arena and with an atmosphere beyond.

On Saturday, February 25, we start playing again and at lunchtime there will be an exciting shootout with celebrities and some secret guests on site.

Semi and final, then Award Ceremony and After-Ice at Friluftsbyn, where it will be a great party for the rest of the evening.


I don't want to miss out this year's Pondhockey! It's a fantastic fun concept and a great opportunity to get back on ice, put the skates on, and have an awesome weekend with the friends.

We copy the North American sports experience and invite to a 100% hockey experience for the participants & the audience - and at the same time provide a wide range of great food and surrounding activities.

We are a passionate bunch of people who, since 2013, have built a place we love to hang out at. We hope you will enjoy it!

Design: Ulf Niederbach | Production: Magnus Stenman 2022